Members of the Board

Open Positions

Event Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator & Vice President are open positions. The time commitment is minimal and the opportunity to give back to the place we call home is fulfilling.

Please email us at for more information.

We can’t wait to welcome new members!

Meet our President

Hello I’m Heather; BLCA President. My family and I have lived in the neighborhood since 2018. We have 3 kids (That attend Meeker & Kentridge), 3 dogs and 1 kitty. I can usually be found tinkering in my garden, helping my partner with his race car, taking nature photos, going for walks or decorating my house (I especially love the holidays!) I volunteered for the board cause I care about this neighborhood and our neighbors. This is a great community with a lot of caring, passionate people. I’m excited to be volunteering with this board and engaging our neighbors.

Meet our Membership Director

Hi My name is Sahba, I’ve been living in Boulevard Lane since 2015. I recently joined the Boulevard Lane Community as a membership board member. I enjoy the holiday decorations in our neighborhood and the events to get to know the neighbours and have a peaceful and cooperative community. 

Meet our Treasurer

Hello I’m Kham, Treasurer and part of the membership committee. I’ve been in the neighborhood since 2017. I have a corgi named Cooper that loves everyone. If you see us out walking, he might stop and lick you. I’m usually out biking down the Soos Creek or Cedar River trails. I volunteered to help with the neighborhood association, because I wanted to help to maintain a great community.

Meet our Secretary

My name is Kellie Cooke and I am the Event Director for the Community association.  I moved into the neighborhood with my husband, two sons, and mom in 2018.  I enjoy baking, gardening, and reading to my kids.  I like living in Boulevard Lane because it is an inviting and diverse community.  I volunteered to be the event director because I want to bring more events to all of you that invite everyone out to get to know one another.  If you see my family and I out walking the dog, be sure to give a wave!  We love seeing all the home improvements everyone is doing.

Meet our two Communications Personnel

Hi my name is Cristina, I am one of two Communications Directors. My husband, son and I moved into Boulevard lane a little over a year ago. We love the area!
We have a small dog, Bella. She is super friendly and thinks everyone/thing is her friend😳.
I love to crochet (not very good), bike ride, take walks, play “zombies” with my son and just being silly.
I volunteered for the board because I grew on a dead end dirt road where everyone knew everyone and loved it. I can’t wait to get to know more of my neighbors!

Hi my name is Ana Barrera I am one of two awesome ladies on the Communication board. We bought our house in September 2018. If you have seen the 1990s show Full House, well think of our home like that but the Latino version. In our home I live with my partner Andrew, along with my mother, my cousin, her husband and 5 year old son who is our “nephew”. Andrew and I have our 10 year old Chihuahua Fur-baby, Rocky who “protects” the house. Pre-covid we would travel. Love exploring our beautiful state by camping or travel to a new state to scratch off of our USA map. I like to go on walks and any easy-moderate hikes with Andrew and Rocky. Love to watch trashy reality shows with my 2 best girlfriends.