Your Support

What does your annual membership support?

  • Criers – The Crier is the Lane’s neighborhood newsletter. It is published by the Board, specifically the Editor, 4 times annually. This publication reaches 427 homes, and is available as a digital download and as a printed copy available for pick up at the neighborhood entrance.
  • Egg Hunt – One of the oldest programs in the neighborhood, the annual Egg Hunt is offered in the spring. Young residents and residents’ children/grandchildren up to 12 years old are welcome to take part. There are several difficulty levels for different ages.
  • Garage Sale – Every summer Lane volunteers organize a neighborhood-wide garage sale. All residents are welcome to participate. The sale is advertised on various online venues to attract more visitors.
  • Entryway Maintenance – The entryway is a heavily landscaped area of our neighborhood and requires occasional maintenance: planting, trimming, sweeping, pruning, etc. Collecting garbage is unfortunately also a responsibility. Volunteers are always needed for this important task – we want to keep our neighborhood looking great!
  • Beauty bark subsidies – Each year, we arrange to have bark delivered to homes. This is a convenient way for people to freshen up their gardens, plus we negotiate better deals with higher volume. The Association subsidizes the cost, plus members get free delivery!
  • National Night Out – This event happens the first Tuesday in August.  All BLCA members are encouraged to participate.  Food and beverage are provided.
  • Board – The BLCA has recently had a need for more Board members. This volunteer position is a great way to become involved in the community. BLCA members are needed for nomination for this year’s Board.
  • Contests – Neighborhood contests inspire families to dress up their homes and properties for special occasions, or simply to improve the appearance of our neighborhood. For each contest, incentives include gift certificates for first, second, and third place winners, chosen by a vote from BLCA members. Recent contests sponsored by the Board have included holiday decorating contests and spring cleanup contests.
  • Entryway streetlight – Put in at our request to make the entryway safer, we pay for its electricity.
  • Entryway maintenance and landscaping – While volunteers usually hold work parties to spruce up the entryway, we occasionally need a professional.
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