Boulevard Lane

Bringing the Community Together 

2017 Calendar of Events

February 13th    BLCA Board meeting (7pm)

March 27th    BLCA Board meeting (7pm)

March 30th    General Membership meeting (7pm)

April 1st    Membership dues

April 15th    Easter Egg Hunt (12pm)

May 15th    Entrance Maintenance

June 3rd & 4th    Annual Garage Sale (9am - 4pm)

June 10th    Dumpster Day AND Shred Event (9am - 4pm)

August 1st    National Night Out (5 - 7pm)

August 15th    Entrance Landscape Maintenance

October 26th    Fall General Meeting, NW Life Church (7 pm)

November 15th    Entrance Landscaping Maintenance

December 16th    Holiday Walk (6 - 8pm)